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Welcome to the world of investment grade artifacts.

Welcome to Ancient Relic Investments, and our new website. Ancient Relic Investments specializes in the rarest, finest, investment-grade artifacts from Texas. If you are from Texas, you may have heard of us. If you haven’t, you may have heard of our principal buyer and authenticator Joseph L. Guillory. Joe has unrivaled passion for collecting artifacts, and has an uncanny ability for finding artifacts.

More importantly, he finds the best authentic stuff out there. That’s why you will only find exceptional artifacts on this website focused on points, blades, and much, more from Texas.

We are currently experimenting with different ways to display pictures of our past and present inventory, although currently all of the pictures displayed on this website are of points we used to have but were sold.

Best of all, our prices are fair and reasonable considering the quality of the items offered. If you have a collection, or a single point, to sell our buying process is explained here.

Please note, all of the artifacts sold by Ancient Relic Investments includes a life-time guarantee of authenticity. If the authenticity of any artifact is ever in question, Ancient Relic Investments will refund the entire purchase amount provided the artifact is returned to Ancient Relic Investments in the original condition it was sold.